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4 Tips for Preventing Mold

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 4 Tips for Preventing Mold Mold damage on wall in South Pasadena,FL

How to Prevent Mold

Mold growth in your commercial property in South Pasadena, FL, is not always an easy problem to fix. You have to hire professionals to clean it thoroughly, and you may have to replace drywall, furniture, carpet, ceiling tiles and important documents before the issue is resolved. Lingering water damage is a common culprit in the proliferation of mold, potentially forming patches in as little as 24 hours. Here are four ways to prevent that from happening.

1. Use Mold-Resistant Materials

Many builders use drywall that is made of fiberglass instead of paper fibers. This material resists the growth of mold by not allowing it to root into it. Paint with mold inhibitors is another way to protect your walls. This sort of protection is especially useful if a pipe bursts and causes excess moisture damage that you may not see right away.

2. Maintain Proper Air Flow

Air flow helps keep moisture in the air from settling on surfaces and thus helps with mold prevention. You can increase air flow by keeping doors open, leaving space between the furniture and walls and letting in fresh air. Good ventilation is also important, especially in areas of the building such as restrooms or break rooms where extra moisture may be present.

3. Mitigate Damage Quickly

If you do notice water damage in your building, don't wait to remedy it. Call water mitigation experts at the first sign that you have a leak or flooding issue.

4. Watch Humidity Levels

A telltale sign that the moisture in the air is too high is condensation on windows, walls and pipes. Humidity levels over 45% could lead to a mold problem. You can monitor the humidity in your building with a simple moisture meter, available for purchase at most hardware stores.

Mold is easier and less expensive to avoid than to correct. By addressing water damage quickly and taking other preventative measures, you may be able to keep mold growth at bay.

What You Need To Know About Commercial Fire Sprinklers

11/23/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What You Need To Know About Commercial Fire Sprinklers A commercial sprinkler can limit damage and control fire loss

If you are a small business owner in Tierra Verde, FL, you have probably thought about a fire. After all, few things can destroy a business faster than a roaring blaze. One of the best ways to minimize fire damage is to have a commercial fire sprinkler in your building. While the sprinkler above your head is easy to ignore, you should know a few things about commercial fire suppression.

Sprinklers Detect Heat

Whether they occur in nature, a home or a business, fires have three common features:

  • Heat
  • Smoke
  • Light

You may assume that your business’s sprinkler system works the same as its smoke detectors. That isn’t the case, however. Rather than initiating when they detect smoke, fire sprinklers rely on heat to activate. When the ambient air temperature climbs to between 135 and 160 degrees, liquid inside the sprinkler expands. This tells the sprinkler to activate.

Sprinklers Extinguish Blazes

As you probably know, water can cause as much damage as flames. Therefore, you don’t want your company’s fire sprinkler to overact. With most suppression systems, not all sprinklers activate. Instead, a single head or a couple heads may be sufficient to extinguish the blaze. Since pressurized systems pump significantly less water than firefighters do, water damage is often minimal.

Cleanup Is Necessary

Following a fire, you must repair fire-related damage. This includes repairing burned structures, replacing charred items, cleaning smoke damage and drying interior areas. Even with small fires, cleanup can be challenging. Moreover, fire sprinkler cleanup presents additional challenges. Fortunately, fire-remediation experts have the expertise, skill and equipment to analyze damage and recommend a comprehensive restoration plan.

For a fire sprinkler to work, it must be properly installed. You must also have the system regularly inspected and serviced. Nonetheless, having a commercial sprinkler is an effective way to limit damage and control fire loss. By understanding how sprinkler systems work, you increase your company’s odds of recovering after a blaze.

3 Ways Storm Damage Cleaning Is Different From Other Water Damage Cleaning

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Ways Storm Damage Cleaning Is Different From Other Water Damage Cleaning Air movers in a Tierra Verde,FL home after a tropical storm

Cleaning After A Storm

When a storm causes damage to your home in Tierra Verde, FL, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to start the cleanup process. Due to flooding and other factors, however, there are several ways in which cleaning after a storm often differs from cleaning after other types of damage from water.

1. Water Is Removed

Whereas a pipe break may only require a certain area of the house to be cleaned, and it likely will not result in a major flood, storms can cause extensive water damage. Standing flood water can often be contaminated, meaning that removing the water can be hazardous if not done correctly. It’s important to use protective equipment, like masks, boots, gloves and other items when removing water that is polluted.

2. Home Is Dried

Once water is removed from the home after a storm, it’s important to dry out the area. Keep the home dry will help prevent mold growth. However, it’s important to make sure the right equipment is used while drying the area out after flooding. Using a vacuum cleaner or putting on a fan when a ceiling is drooping can be hazardous as well as ineffective. Once the home is dry, the next process of cleaning and restoration can begin.

3. Sanitization Is Required

Since storm floodwater is often contaminated, a home that has sustained flood damage is often typically thoroughly sanitized. In addition to cleaning items within your home, which may include furniture, clothes or other personal belongings, the home itself may require special cleaning. Often, the process of disinfecting a home includes eliminating the causes of unpleasant odors as well as eliminating odors themselves, and the use of disinfectants as well as the use of antibacterial treatments.

Knowing the differences between pipe burst flooding and a storm water damage can give you a better idea of what to expect and where to start the cleanup and restoration process. You could find it useful to work with water and storm damage professionals as you begin to restore your home.

Top Items To Include in Your First Aid Set

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Top Items To Include in Your First Aid Set Make sure your first aid kit for your commercial property in South Pasadena,FL is complete

Top Items To Include in Your First Aid Set

When you build a first aid kit for your commercial property in South Pasadena,FL, you want to make sure it is complete. There are some obvious items you have to have in this kit, but others may surprise you. Check out this quick guide to build the best kit possible.

  1. First Aid Guide: Because this kit could be used by a wide range of people, you need to have a basic guide for first aid included. This guide may go over how to clean minor cuts or use resuscitation equipment.
  2. Blankets: Blankets can serve a lot of purposes, such as keeping someone warm or being used as a sling. Because you don't know what type of emergency will require the use of a first aid kit, it is best to stock it for any type of situation.
  3. Bandages: Many people turn to an emergency kit when there is a cut, scrape or burn. Various sized bandages and gauze pads can help stop bleeding and protect open wounds.
  4. Sterile Gloves: Handling someone else's blood can be unsanitary work. Including gloves in the set makes it easier for care to be given to those who need it.
  5. Resuscitation Equipment: A pocket mask and guide to CPR can help equip a person for an emergency situation.
  6. Automated External Defibrillator: This portable device can be used to shock someone undergoing cardiac arrest. Many AEDs also walk those using the device through the procedure to ensure everything is done correctly.
  7. Emergency Directions: Who needs to be called when there is an emergency? These directions could list your phone number or the number of your commercial property repair team.

As a commercial building owner, you need to do whatever you can to keep those inside your property safe. Putting together a complete first aid kit can provide the tools needed to survive an emergency.

Tips for Making a Fire Claim

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips for Making a Fire Claim Fire damage in a Gulfport,FL living room

A fire in your home in Gulfport,FL, can leave you with a million things to do running through your mind. The fire restoration process is fairly straightforward, but you want to make sure to do everything in the right order so that you get the most money you can when you file your insurance claim.

Here are Some Tips for How to Handle the Process Well

1. Make Your Calls

One of the first things you should do is make some calls. Obviously, the company that carries your fire insurance needs to know about the damage to your home. It is also advisable to call fire remediation specialists. The sooner they can arrive on the scene, the better, particularly if you need emergency cleanup to prevent secondary damage. They can also help you itemize costs, which may be helpful when filing your claim.

2. Secure Your Home

The insurance adjuster will likely check to make sure you have taken the correct measures to protect your home from further damage. After all, the more damage your house sustains, the more it costs to fix it. If you do not board up windows and doors, or if you leave holes in your roof or skylights open, the insurance company may not cover part of the damages as this looks like neglect of the property.

3. Leave Damage Alone

It may seem counterintuitive to delay the beginning of the fire restoration process until professional help arrives, but that's exactly what you need to do. Any smoke cleaning you do may cause more damage. If it doesn't, it can still hurt your chances of getting a full settlement, because the insurance company is not going to pay for damage the adjuster doesn't see. No damage remediation should begin until the entire area has been photographed and documented.

A large part of filing a claim is knowing how to prove the damage. By following these three tips, you can increase the likelihood of getting a settlement with your insurance company that covers most, if not all, of the fire restoration services you require.

Three Steps To Take When Handling Broken Pipes

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Three Steps To Take When Handling Broken Pipes Water damage in your Gulfport,FL home from bursting pipes

If you have troubling water damage in your Gulfport, FL, home from bursting pipes, you are probably looking for advice on what you should do next. You may not know how to fix broken pipe matters, or what you can do to handle any necessary cleanup. Here are three steps to take to get a handle on the disaster at hand and take back control of your property.

1. Quickly Turn Off Water

If you still have water running near or at the source of the damage, it is time to turn it off. Leaving it turned on indefinitely could create further damage, mold growth and other issues, such as larger floods or ones that spread to different areas throughout your building.

2. Call Cleanup Services

A Gulfport, FL, remediation company is usually your best resource when you are dealing with bursting pipes at home. They will be able to arrive on an urgent basis, usually at any time of the day or night, and assess the destruction. They can usually handle cleanup, drying, mold removal and other steps in the water elimination process.

3. Record Damage

If you have homeowners insurance coverage for water damage - you will have to check your policy and maybe call your agent to know for sure – you will want to take pictures and make note of the damage that occurred. You should consider doing so whether or not you are making an insurance claim, as you will need to keep track of what needs to be fixed and any costs involved no matter what.

One of the most important things to remember is that bursting pipes are a serious problem. Addressing the situation and calling in help as soon as possible allows you to keep mold and any secondary damage from the water at bay. Your house is one of your most precious and valuable investments – guard it and its future by taking action during a water pipe-related emergency.

Minding the Gaps: Finding Good Storm Coverage

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Minding the Gaps: Finding Good Storm Coverage Commercial water damage in a shoe store in St. Petersburg,FL

If your commercial property in St. Petersburg, FL, is frequently beset by storms, your property insurance coverage is probably not sufficient to pay the costs of the flood restoration services you will likely need at some point. You need storm insurance. Even with the extra coverage, however, it is important to make sure that you pay close attention to the exclusions listed in your policies. Only by filling in all the gaps that other policies leave do you get the best coverage possible.

Flood Damage

Most floods caused by natural disaster or other extreme circumstances aren't covered by general commercial property policies. You will need flood insurance to protect yourself from having to pay out-of-pocket expenses like the following:

  • Water mitigation services
  • Restoration costs
  • Building inspection fees

After you pay your deductible, your storm insurance is likely to cover the bulk of your recovery expenses. Having a policy in place before storm season arrives is essential.

Hail Damage

If your storm coverage focuses on flooding, it may include exclusions for other damage that your building could sustain during a storm. Hail damage often accompanies violent thunderstorms, but some insurance policies don't cover the damage that a hail storm can cause. In this instance, you will need additional coverage to fill in the gap left by the exclusion.

Lightning Damage

When lightning strikes your building, it can cause quite a few problems. Other than raising the risk of fire, it may also short out your electrical system, leaving you without power regardless of how reliable your backup generator may be. If other systems, such as your building's plumbing or HVAC system, relies on the power, then you can see how expensive a lightning strike could become. Many policies exclude lightning damage for this reason. Your insurance company may offer rider policies to compensate, however.

When you are shopping for the best commercial insurance package, don't forget comprehensive storm insurance. One storm can cause extensive damage. It can give you peace of mind to know that you are protected.

Tips For Mitigating Roof Damage

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tips For Mitigating Roof Damage SERVPRO has the equipment to any damage you have in Tierra Verde, FL

When it comes to roof damage the signs of a problem aren’t something anyone should ignore. Unattended water, hail and wind damage can cause larger problems down the road, and cumulative damage could lead to a full roof replacement. Mitigation techniques can help save your roof from costly repairs. If you live in a place that experiences regular harsh weather such as Tierra Verde, FL, you may want to consider some of the following mitigation techniques.

1. Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Regularly inspecting your roof can be one way to catch damage before it becomes unmanageable. This will allow you to see any changes in your roof and look for signs of trouble such as pooling water, windblown shingles or blocked gutters. A professional can do a moisture survey of your rooftop for any leaks or areas where water may be seeping in.

2. Frequently Take Care of Damage

One key to preventing roof damage from getting to the level where you need a roof replacement is to take care of any damage as soon as it occurs. A small repair now is often more cost effective than a large one later. This can also help prevent other potential problems such as mold or wet insulation.

3. Habitually Use Preventive Measures

Once you’ve decided repairs are necessary it’s important to protect your roof until they are completed. The professionals working on your rooftop may have some recommendations, but generally, steps such as laying tarps or boarding over the damaged areas until the repair team can work on them can help prevent further damage.

Taking care of roof damage as soon as it occurs is one way to mitigate potential problems. Regularly inspecting for water, hail or wind damage can also help you find areas that may need repairs before they cause further problems for your home.

3 Air Purifiers That Remove Mold Spores From Your Home

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Air Purifiers That Remove Mold Spores From Your Home Mold growth on cabinet in St. Petersburg, FL

Mold spores exist almost everywhere, even in your St. Petersburg, FL, home’s air. While individual spores typically do not cause any harm, they may take hold in a humid or moist area inside your home where they can multiply and spread. Home air filtration can help control these spores, and there are three systems you may want to consider if you want to purify the air your family breathes.

1. Alen BreatheSmart

This purification system is a quiet machine that comes in a variety of colors to complement your home’s décor. It uses a patented silver carbon filter that removes dust, mold and other impurities from spaces up to 1,100 square feet. This purifier comes with a lifetime warranty and is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

2. Airpura P600 HEPA Air Purifier

The Airpura air filtration system removes germs, spores and odors from the air with an oxidizer that cleans 2,000 square feet. This makes it suitable for larger spaces, such as dens or large living rooms. The filter lasts approximately five years, and the machine itself comes with a five-year warranty.

3. Winix HR1000 Air Purifier

If you are looking for a small air filter for your home office or bedroom, then this purifier might be a good choice for you. It removes pet dander, mold spores and dust from the air for spaces up to 400 square feet. The unit runs on a carbon filter, which lasts about 12 months. A two-year limited warranty protects your purchase. If you are unsure if this purifier is large enough for the space you want to clean, contact a mold remediation and removal service for advice.

Adding an air filtration system to your St. Petersburg, FL , home can reduce the risk of mold growth in every room. This can help to eliminate unpleasant musty odors and keep your home’s air fresh and clean. 

How To Know Your Sprinklers Are Ready

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Know Your Sprinklers Are Ready Fire damage in South Pasadena, FL

A fire sprinkler system can be your saving grace if a fire breaks out in your building. Because sprinklers react to extreme temperatures, they can release the water as soon as they detect there is a problem.
They can't help save your building in South Pasadena, Fl, if they don't work, though. Proper maintenance is essential to an active fire suppression system, and there are several warning signs to look for when the system is inspected.


The gauges in your system measure water pressure. Since the sprinklers are always technically active, they are under immense pressure. The water usually stays in the pipes where it belongs. If you have faulty gauges, however, this could cause an unexpected visit from a company specializing in fire sprinkler cleanup. The fire marshal is likely going to check gauges for three things:

  • Inaccurate pressure readings
  • Leaks around gauge
  • Fluttering pointer indicating fluctuation in pressure


If the sensors on a fire sprinkler are blocked or insulated in some way, they are less likely to be able to detect temperatures. At the very least, the detection could be delayed. A walkthrough of your building can reveal anything that might be blocking the sprinkler from working properly so that you can remove the obstruction promptly.


Sometimes, sprinklers get damaged. If someone bumps them and they bend, they may not work when they need to. In rarer cases, they may go off unexpectedly, leaving quite a terrible mess behind. This level of water damage may not seem like a big deal if your building just burned, but if it's damage that could have been completely avoided, it can be frustrating. It can also be expensive, as many insurance companies reject claims for accidents that result from the owner's negligence.

A well-maintained fire sprinkler system is a good system. If you take care of it, it will take care of you should you ever need it.