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Sad Reality of Water Damage

Unfortunately, after a water loss, the water finds the most inconvenient places to migrate to and dry. Most of the times, water can be found behind drywall... READ MORE

How Does Drying Equipment Help?

After a home or business experiences any form of water damage, the water will migrate as far and wide as possible.When SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South/W... READ MORE

How Do I Know This Is Mold?

If you discover mold in your home or business, you may have an underlying problem of a water damage. Mold growth goes hand in hand with water.SERVPRO of SERVPRO... READ MORE

Here to Help!

SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South/West St. Petersburg is the leader in the water damage restoration field. We have technicians are trained in the most recent practi... READ MORE

Water and Fire Cleanup Go Hand In Hand

After a fire in a residential or commercial building, water is usually always present. Firefighters will use water to put out a fire, or the fire sprinklers wil... READ MORE

Flooded Flooring in Home

After a water loss, these hardwood floors were damaged. There are several ways to clean up water damages but it all depends on where the water actually cam... READ MORE

Tile Grout

After a fire ripped through a local St. Pete businesses concession stand, the SERVPRO crew moved in.  SERVPRO was asked by the customer to save all the til... READ MORE

Post construction cleaning

After SERVPRO was called to remove the foam walls from a local St. Pete business, there was a lot of debris left in the tracks that needed to be removed and HEP... READ MORE

Pinellas Park Garage with Water Problems

 The HVAC system was neglected and was not functioning properly. The moisture pulled out of the house resulted in an accumulation of condensation that did ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Problem to a Gym and Weight Room in St. Pete

 During a storm, the flat roof failed and allowed rainwater to spill onto the gymnasium floor. The hard rubberized surface made for easy water removal of t... READ MORE