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How Mold May Silently Lose You Customers in St. Petersburg

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial How Mold May Silently Lose You Customers in St. Petersburg Mold can turn off customers. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate!

SERVPRO Technicians Can Quickly Detect and Remediate Mold

Long before you found mold growing in your retail location, you may have noticed a decrease in customers and business without explanation. It could have been due to a road change, or perhaps a bump in the economy, or maybe some unexpected competition, but a less common but much more costly adversary may have been mold damage. Customers, clients, and business partners do not like mold, and even if they find a very obvious patch, are unlikely to report the problem to you. These are some of the mold's qualities which serve only to drive away business without you knowing.

Most types of commercial mold damage in St. Petersburg also come with an odor problem, requiring special, separate tools and restoration procedures from the mold growth itself. Many molds emit strong, musty odors, and if a customer encounters these in your store, they may avoid not only the section they detected the odor in, but also perhaps the entire store. This can be an especially hurtful effect if the mold is located in an area rarely visited by you or employees but frequented by customers.
Some types of mold can trigger more serious health effects, but many types can affect the allergies of many customers. Some people have sensitive allergies, and those with pollen allergies are often especially vulnerable. If a regular customer notices a significant surge in allergy symptoms in your store, they may be inclined to do business elsewhere.
Visual Qualities

For many, mold has an unsettling appearance, and in a commercial setting, this effect is often compounded. Although many customers will alert you if they find signs of mold growth, most will not, and the image of your business may forever be tarnished in their minds if they find mold growing in it. Fortunately, if mold is in a visible spot, you will probably find it before too many customers can be lost.
SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg are local experts in mold remediation and restoration, having helped businesses in town for years with mold issues large and small. Call us at (727) 341-1001 to find out how we can help your commercial establishment.

Causes of Fire Damage in South Pasadena

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Causes of Fire Damage in South Pasadena Regardless of the cause, fire damage can be devastating to deal with. Call SERVPRO to help!

SERVPRO Professionals are Certified to Deal with all Types of Fire Damage

According to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, thousands of acres of wild land and many homes are destroyed by fires from a variety of causes ranging from natural to man-caused.
Fire damage in South Pasadena is something no homeowner wants to deal with. As a Florida homeowner, you already have to deal with the possibility of hurricanes, flooding, flash floods, and other natural forces.
Causes of House Fires in Florida
House fires can occur as a result of any different man-caused and natural causes. Electrical fires, unattended candles, and cooking mishaps are common causes of house fires. However, your Florida home can become affected by fire outside of your home as well.
Both wild and prescribed burnings can get out of hand, and it is difficult to protect your home from a natural event such as this. In fact, it is recommended that in the event of an exterior fire, that you get out of your home and get to safety immediately.
Lightning is another cause of fires in homes -- in Florida, lightning is a deadly reality that can result in lighting your residence up and causing fire and smoke damage. In addition to natural hazards, the amount of people now living in Florida, in areas that were once wildlands, has increased the possibility of a fire hazard in communities. If a neighbor's home goes up in flames, the fire can spread from their home to yours.
Also, during the dry seasons of Florida, outdoor burning of leaves and debris is banned, and for good reason. A lit cigarette, burning leaves and yard waste, and burning debris of any sort can cause a fire that the person did not intend to start. It can soon get out of control and cause fire and smoke damage to your and your neighbors’ homes.
Contact Us Today
Call SERVPRO of Gulf Beach South / West St. Petersburg at (727) 341-1001 24/7 for a quick response to your fire emergency. No matter how your home has become affected by fire or smoke damage, our Emergency Services are ready to respond to your fire damage emergency.

Getting Back To Business After Commercial Water Damage In Gulfport

11/19/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Getting Back To Business After Commercial Water Damage In Gulfport Flooding can decimate your business. Contact SERVPRO to assess!

SERVPRO Technicians Expertly Handle the Entire Restoration Process

The April floods this year demonstrated the need for restoration services in our area. First responders give us the help we need to get our families out of harm's way, but there also comes a time for us to obtain the assistance we need to return commercial services and operations to normal as soon as possible.
We have a locally owned and operated franchise in Gulfport that offers a variety of commercial water damage restoration services, with the ability to pull additional support from several other franchises located throughout the country if needed. We are a part of this community too and have the training and resources available to us to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies.
At SERVPRO we understand that anything is possible, working hard to prepare for these types of situations is a way of life for us. Whether you have a small office building or a high-rise hotel we have the restoration and cleaning services available to mitigate the water damage that your business suffers.
SERVPRO technicians are expertly trained and respond quickly. As soon as it is safe to return to your property, we can begin our restoration process that helps limit the damage and prevents subsequent damage to your inventory or company assets. Let us help you gain control, get back on your feet, and return your business's daily operations to normal as soon as possible.
All of our staff receives professional training so that we can properly assist you during these types of situations. SERVPRO has technicians specifically trained in every aspect of our restoration process so that we can provide you with the services that your unique circumstances require. You will not need to call anyone else; our staff can provide the services you need for a complete restoration.
We go as far as assisting you with communicating with your insurance company representatives and help you fill out the necessary paperwork involved in getting the services started that you need to return things to normal.
Make the call to our staff at SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South - West St. Petersburg to begin your restoration services today. We are here to help. - (727) 341-1001

Mold Damage in Gulfport

10/25/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage in Gulfport Spores and Mold In Gulfport

Moisture and Water Invite Mold Damage to Your Home

Mold is something that nobody wants to find suddenly in their home. With you and your family’s health at stake, it is important to take care of the situation as soon as possible.
Mold damage in Gulfport is stressful and nearly always unexpected. After water or moisture damage strikes, it is crucial to call a professional mold removal expert like SERVPRO to immediately respond, inspect for mold growth, and remedy the situation if it has occurred.
Mold and Microbes
One of the dangers of leaking or standing water in a structure is microbes. Moisture and humidity levels increase in structures that have water damage. These conducive conditions increase the chance of mold growth and spreading of spores. Typically, the ideal humidity and moisture levels occur between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Gulfport a perfect place for mold to grow and proliferate.
The Necessity of Moisture Removal After Mold Damage
Since mold and spores need a lot of moisture to thrive, the water restoration industry has taken increased measures to ensure the elimination of water and moisture sources within a structure. Containment is another key factor in preventing mold spores from circulating into unaffected areas of the building.
Our highly trained mold remediation and removal specialists at SERVPRO accomplish this by reducing the relative humidity indoors using advanced equipment. This reduces the possibility of mold growth after removing water from your commercial structure.
Regardless of the type of mold damage that your home has suffered, the clock begins ticking the moment it is found. Removing the mold and moisture, assessing the damage, and taking measures to eliminate mold and spores from spreading is crucial.
Contact Us Today!
Contact SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg at (727) 341-1001 day or night. Our AMRT, Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians, can secure your home and restore your property to its pre-mold damage condition "Like it never even happened."

Drainage Problems Can Result in Water Damage

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Drainage Problems Can Result in Water Damage Grease in Drains Leads to Flooding in South Pasadena Kitchen

Prevent Water Damage, SERVPRO Offers Tips to Avoid Clogged Lines

Most homeowners do not know that they are responsible for repairing and maintaining the pipeline that connects the city sanitary sewer main to their home. If you encounter a problem with a cracked or failed sewer lateral (which is owned by you, the homeowner), you can experience sewer backup flooding.

Flood damage in South Pasadena can come in many forms. Unfortunately, while natural causes are familiar to every homeowner, considering on-property causes of flooding are not as anticipated. Our SERVPRO experts are ready to respond to any flooding that you encounter.
Causes of Sewer Backups
Having your property or home flooded because of sewer line cracks can come as a complete surprise. To help you avoid flooding from this type of water event, we have included ways of preventing backups in your lateral and city main pipes as to prevent flooding in the first place.
Dispose of Grease Properly
There is a universal truth that most of us have learned from our grandmothers or mothers: “never pour grease down the kitchen drain.” They were right, and most of us are guilty of breaking this rule a time or two. Pour used cooking oil into a container and disposed of after it cools off. Do not pour it down the drain. Flushing grease down the drain with hot water can cause serious problems. When the grease cools, it solidifies in the drain, in your line to the sewers, or in the main city sewer which causes the line to constrict and clog. It is like plaque in the human arteries. Dispose of grease and oil properly and save yourself a lot of trouble.
SERVPRO recommends Not To Flush Anything but Bathroom Tissue Down the Toilet
You would be surprised by the things people flush down the commode. From paper towels, diapers, to feminine products, these things can cause some serious problems in your lateral and city main sewer. Even if you manage to get something down the toilet, doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Paper products such as paper towels and women’s sanitary products do not deteriorate as quickly as approved bathroom tissue does. Be conscious of what you are flushing, and you can avoid damage later on.
Replace line with new PVC pipe
One great way of preventing tree roots from getting inside your lateral line is to replace it with new plastic piping. Also be sure to have any worrisome tree roots cut periodically to ensure they do become a problem for you later on.
Contact Us
Do not let prolonged water exposure ruin your home. Contact SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg at (727) 341-1001. Our 24/7 Emergency Services are available to take your call day or night.

Mold Damage Issues in Your Home

10/3/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Issues in Your Home Call SERVPRO to quickly respond to mold damage!

Assessing Mold Damage is the First Step in Remediation

You could be dealing with a mold problem and not even realize it. One of the most common places for mold to grow is in basements. Humidity from constant dampness in a wet basement, plus the abundance of food for mold, gives the perfect conditions for mold to grow and to thrive. In a basement which has been finished, mold will feed on wood studs, sheetrock, doors, insulation, wood molding and window frames. Mold can thrive in unfinished basements as well by growing on books, cardboard boxes, leather, papers, upholstered and wooden furniture and wood beams in the ceiling can all grow mold.
There are several kinds of mold and mold damage in St. Petersburg, with some being more dangerous than others. From person to person, sensitives to the different varieties of mold can vary. Exposure which is prolonged to mold that is even fairly non-toxic can cause certain health problems. At SERVPRO, our technicians offer comprehensive mold testing that can be done in a timely manner. The testing process will involve getting two air samples – one from the outside air of your home to be used as a control, and another from inside your basement to figure out what kinds of mold, the concentration of each kind, and how elevated the levels of mold are when considered with the normal levels in your particular neighborhood.

Many times, mold growth can look like spots and can be a lot of different colors, plus give off a musty smell. If you can smell or see mold, you have a present health risk in your home. No matter the type of mold that is there, it will need to be removed and cleaned up as soon as possible, so it does not spread and create a larger problem. That is why the best thing to do is to get a hold of our professionals at SERVPRO as soon as you suspect that you have an issue with mold in your home.

The source of the moisture will have to be taken care of first to eliminate the mold. When you contact us at SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South/West St. Petersburg, we will come out to your home and find where the water is originating and then create a plan for mold remediation. Give us a call anytime that you need by dialing (727) 341-1001.

Fire Damage and its Complications

9/25/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage and its Complications You should be satisfied after remediation. Call SERVPRO today!

Your Home Will Smell Fresh Again after Remediation

If you've been unfortunate enough to have had a recent fire, the unpleasant truth is that there are other complications in addition to the blackened charred mess that has been made of your home. Not only is it now soaked in water, and possibly foam, from the efforts of the firefighters' visit, but the scent of the burnt contents make you cringe whenever you come near your home.
In Bay Pines, fire damage clean-up and restoration should also include odor control. At SERVPRO, we ensure that fire damaged homes aren't only repaired structurally, but that even the fire's smell is eliminated. While we have measuring devices and other equipment that tells us how much moisture is in any particular area, or even how contaminated an item is with soot or other contaminating particles, there is no device that can give us information on how anything, including a room, smells. You or other family members may detect odors that we ourselves cannot.
Because odor detection is an individual thing, we will work with you to ensure that your home doesn't only look great again, but that it also smells like your home should. It's extremely important to us that you are satisfied with all aspects of your fire damage repair, including how your home smells.
While some methods we use require you to vacate your home, others do not. For those that do, we will assist you in also placing other items outdoors that could be harmed by the procedures we will be implementing. Some of these items include not only pets but also plants or even items with rubber components. This is especially true when we use ozone-producing machines. While this will not leave a lingering gas that is harmful, nor a residue on your belongings, the air will be saturated with ozone during the time the machine is running.
When you need to make your home smell like home again, or you want to make sure that fire damage repair is complete in all aspects, call SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg at (727) 341-1001. We are ready 24/7 to not only take your call but to begin the work needed to get you and your home back to normal again.

When You Have Mold Damage in Your Home, It's Time to Call Professionals

8/19/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation When You Have Mold Damage in Your Home, It's Time to Call Professionals Mold is very damaging, and the sooner restorative work is begun, the better the results will be.

If You Have Mold Damage in Your Home Call The Professionals

Mold damage does not only affect your home's solid interior structures; it can affect anything that mold can grow on, and mold can grow on many different materials. Because mold doesn't always appear the same from one kind to another, more than one type of mold is usually present in a home. So if you have found one area where mold is growing, chances are good you have more somewhere else.

This is because, in Madeira Beach, mold damage can happen when conditions are right for any one particular type of mold. If this is the case, environmental conditions are also good for any other types of mold. So if you've found mold growing in one place, you might want to examine your stored books, clothing, and anything else you have put away, for mold growth. While you might think these items will be drier, they also have had more time to accumulate moisture.

Books that are moldy will have a distinctive musty odor, but may or may not show mold on the surfaces of your books. Clothing will often develop spots and blotches that are nearly impossible to remove. Some plastics and rubber-based toys may be stained permanently, while others can be restored. SERVPRO technicians are capable of handling these, so they are restored to the best possible condition. Mold is very damaging, and the sooner restorative work is begun, the better the results will be.

At SERVPRO, we not only know how to remediate mold growths so that they are much less likely to return but also how to help you create an environment that will keep humidity levels at appropriate levels. If you follow our advice on keeping humidity and moisture level slow in your home, mold should not be able to find the moisture needed for it to grow. We can examine and inspect your central air system or air conditioning unit, ensure that any sump pumps are working properly and draining correctly, and install or service any dehumidifiers needed to create a drier environment.

Florida is a more humid state than most, so having measures in place that will help reduce humidity levels can prevent mold growth and subsequent mold damage. For help on preventing mold damage, and remediating mold growths currently in your home, call us, SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg, at (727) 341-1001. We do more than repairs of mold damage – we also hep you prevent mold and mold damage in the first place.

How to Bounce Back from Flood Damage

7/26/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Bounce Back from Flood Damage Let our pros at SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg tackle your flood damage!

Bouncing back from Residential Flood Damage 

Many regions of the United States are prone to flooding, but few more so than Florida. The Florida peninsula is unusually flat, filled with marshes and water inlets, and has very high average rainfall. Also, its proximity to tropical Atlantic waters means that hurricanes sweep the state on fairly regular bases, causing more problems. Keeping your family safe during a flood is no easy task, but keeping your home safe is often impossible. Here are some of the key steps to take when trying to bounce back from a flood. 

Hire a Professional Cleanup and Restoration Crew 

The easiest way to get flood damage to your St. Petersburg home behind you is to employ a certified restoration and cleanup company like SERVPRO. In addition to providing training and experience to specialized crews, we also have access to industrial-grade equipment and cleaning supplies, along with outside experts. We are also often employed by insurance companies so that homeowners and unqualified individuals do not cause more damage in the process. 

Make Sure your Insurance is Good, and Make Sure to Collect 

Dealing with an insurance company is critical during a disaster. They will be the barrier between you and financial ruin in emergencies, provided you take the time to obtain coverage. In many cases, your homeowners' insurance may be separate from flood insurance, so be sure to contact your insurance provider and purchase additional flood insurance if necessary. 

Contact Workplaces and Groups to Make Sure They Know You're OK 

Being in touch with groups and employers is important for not losing membership in either. If you don't show up to work the next day, many employers will simply assume that you have quit without informing them or been injured, creating a paperwork nightmare at best and a job loss at worst. Call them to let them know what happened and if you'll be out, and take leave if needed. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

With industry-leading expertise and quality of service, SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg has the people and tools necessary to handle any disaster cleanup job. Call us at (727) 341-1001 for 24/7 emergency service. 

How to Prepare for Tornados Stemming from a Hurricane

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Prepare for Tornados Stemming from a Hurricane Tornados during a hurricane can cause damage to your garage, roof, windows and more.

Protect your Home from Severe Storms

Tornadoes are among the several dangers that tropical storms, hurricanes, and their remnants leave on their way inland. Tornadoes are small cyclones within the bigger tropical cyclone. Cyclones from tropical systems constitute more than 20% of all tornadoes in the United States during a hurricane season. 

Most tornadoes usually develop in bands of intense showers and thunderstorms outside the eyewall, roughly 50 - 250 miles from a tropical storm or hurricane storm center. 

Since hurricanes and tornadoes leave severe damages to properties, here are some of the ways we can protect our homes against the two: 

Fortify The Garage Door 

Garage doors are the weakest links in our homes whenever hurricanes and tornadoes occur. Once our garage doors get lost, the entire house is equally lost. High-speed winds blow the roof off and pressurize the room like a shaken soda can. 

To be on the safe side, you can purchase windowless garage doors -- less than 9 feet wide. The door must be rated to withstand over 50 pounds worth of pressure per square foot. Moreover, single doors stand a much better chance of surviving compared to double doors. You can always reinforce the already existing doors. 

Keep The Lid On 

As tornadoes come our way, winds that blow over our homes exerts an inward pressure against walls on the windward side and outward pressure against sidewalls or walls from the leeward side. These pressures combined can rip through any weak connections. To protect our houses, we need to make sure that the roof is on and tight. Doing so ensures the house has more resistance against the wind. 

Shutter The Windows 

Unfortunately, most people have a misconception that creating a wind tunnel by opening windows helps equalize the pressure outside and inside the home. However, open windows are direct gateways for debris on high speed. They can cause houses to become highly pressurized, similar to blowing air into a balloon. Rather than opening the windows, it is prudent to put a layer right on top of them. 

Pin Down The Home 

After boarding up the windows, bolstering the garage door and securing weak connections on the roof, we still need to worry about making sure the structure is firmly on the ground. Gyrating winds are highly stubborn at plucking a house from its foundation. 

Concrete Cloth 

A concrete cloth comes in handy in lining ditches, creating subterranean walls inside mines, protecting slopes, shielding buildings, and making rapidly deployable military shelters. It concrete material can stop bullets; it can surely repel one of the deadliest stunts from mother nature right? 

Protecting our homes from tornadoes and hurricanes should be a top priority. With the above strategies, there is no doubt that we can make it happen. 

After experiencing the effects of a hurricane, it might be confusing to know where to begin. We are here to facilitate the restoration of your home or building because we understand the immediate action is necessary to prevent further damage. Once you contact us, our professionals, assess the situation, and finally, provide the expertise needed to salvage it. Feel free to call SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches South / West St. Petersburg today at (727) 341-1001.