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SERVPRO Can Clean, Restore and Deodorize Your Property After Fire Damage in Treasure Island

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Can Clean, Restore and Deodorize Your Property After Fire Damage in Treasure Island Soot finds it's way everywhere. Even underneath the papers there was a light covering and spotting of soot.

After an event as traumatic and devastating as a fire, you'll need to seek restoration specialists as soon as the fire trucks are gone. Prevent further damage to your home by calling in professional help to treat Treasure Island within 24 hours. Time is crucial following a fire because damage continues even after the last flame is extinguished. By bringing in a licensed company immediately after the disaster, you can save your home from further damage that is caused by corrosive chemicals, seeping water and quickly growing mold and rot. Know the four elements of fire damage and what can be done to repair or mitigate the damage to your home's structure, electrical components, HVAC system and personal property.

Fire Damage
Fire damage is the destruction caused by the fire itself and accompanying heat damage. Fire chars what it touches melts many noncombustible items and causes paint and wallpaper to peel. Even when the fire has been extinguished, it continues to destroy through the toxic, corrosive substances left behind.

Smoke Damage
Often more invasive and destructive than the fire itself are the insidious effects of smoke damage, extending far beyond the site of the fire and permeating deep into the building, HVAC system, furniture, insulation and personal possessions. Unless properly cleaned and deodorized, the foul smell of smoke may linger for the long term, and the chemicals caused by the fire's combustion are often corrosive and sometimes toxic. A professional mitigation company will have the right equipment to clean thoroughly and restore your home to its original, safe, scent-free condition. Smoke damage falls into four basic categories.

• Wet smoke: Caused by the low-heat melting of plastics and synthetics, the damage is sticky and smeary with a strong odor.

• Dry smoke: Caused by fast-burning wood and paper, the residue is dry and powdery.

• Protein: This chemical is mostly invisible, but it discolors paint and carries a very pungent odor.

• Fuel oil: The soot from burning fuel oil is known as puff backs.

Water Damage
When firefighters are fighting the flames, fire hoses flood the structure at rates of 95 gallons per minute in order to save your home. Unfortunately, this saturation can cause a new set of problems unless you seek timely intervention from a trained professional. The water will find its way down through the house from the fire-affected area, soaking floors, walls, ceilings, structural voids, electrical components, insulation, furniture and personal possessions. You'll need to act quickly to get a Treasure Island residential fire damage expert on site to clean up and mitigate the destruction.

A locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Gulf Beaches S. & W St. Peteis ideally situated to respond quickly to your Treasure Island  residential fire damage problems. Call us at 727-521-2562 for speedy, professional assistance.

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